Yacht Rental: Pros and Cons

On holiday beside the beautiful, blue Adriatic, it can be very tempting to charterĀ a yacht or catamaran, and head on out there to explore it for yourself. With so many islands, and so little time, being able to get out there on your own, at your own pace and with near-complete freedom can be very appealing. But is it always such a good idea to hire a yacht on your own? Don’t be put off if you really do want to sail the ocean blue, but do think carefully before you decide what to do on a Croatian seafaring holiday.

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– Freedom of the waves: You can strike from shore, and providing you have good navigational aids (including good old paper maps too) then you can head wherever the wind (or engine) takes you.
– Easy access to many islands: Not being reliant on public means of transport, such as ferries, means that you are free to head to places others cannot easily access.
– Get away from it all: And gain a tranquil solitude on the water, and in secluded shoreside spots far from the crowds.
– Really see nature: Being out there on your own, you are really going to come to understand and appreciate the nature around you. Away from the crowds, you will be able to sail serenely by without disturbing the wildlife, and can get closer than you ever could if you were part of a milling throng.
– Maritime romance or family adventure: Whether you want to experience the romance of being on a deck at dawn, or on a balmy moonlit evening, or are planning a family adventure with the kids, pretending to be pirates and learning together about maritime technology and seafaring, hiring a yacht can provide the perfect holiday for you.



– Knowledge and ability needed: A self-sail holiday would obviously not be a good choice for someone unfamiliar with sailing and boats.
– Can be difficult in bad weather: As lovely as the weather often is on the Adriatic, storms can and do crop up.
– You must be self-reliant: You might be far from the nearest vessel or port. Can you be self-reliant?
– Things can go wrong: And they will often do so. Do you have the knowledge to deal with any crises calmly and effectively?
– You are responsible for something expensive: Do you really want to be in charge of something that could be so expensive to fit if you are in an accident?


Bearing all that in mind, you should be able to decide for yourself whether hiring a yacht without crew is the right option for you. Perhaps instead you might like to consider hiring the crew who can pilot you safely when you want to go without the potential headaches involved in doing the whole thing for yourself. You may be sacrificing some of your freedom and isolation, but your holiday night be just a bit more relaxing. On the other hand, if adventure is for you, then heading of on your own could be just the adrenaline rush you are looking for!

The decision is yours.

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