When in Hong Kong…

Hong Kong developed a lot during the past few years. If almost 200 years ago, its population was around 7500, the city now has over 7.3 million inhabitants. The city also developed its economy and culture during this period and nowadays, Hong Kong is one of the biggest economical and social centers in the world. A very important aspect about this city is the British colonization. The colonists left an important mark on Hong Kong’s identity and they managed to improve a lot of things in this city. Today, Hong Kong can be looked as a multicultural city, in which 2 different societies managed to blend together and to create an amazing result. If you visit Hong Kong, you will be thrilled about the greatness of this city and there are some things that you really have to do while here.

1) Admire the landscapes through the Victoria Peak

The Peak is one of the most exciting attractions in Hong Kong and why not, in the whole world. The whole place was constructed at 396 meters above the sea level and it can be reached only with a funicular railway. The funicular, or “the Peak Tram” is almost 150 years old and it was also built by the British colonists. While on the tram, you will be able to pass through the skyscrapers and head towards the clouds. When you reach the Peak, you will be simply surprised. There isn’t anything in the world to compare with that amazing view. It’s simply breathtaking and you will spend hours there, without noticing how time flies.


2) Visit the Avenue of Stars

Everybody knows about the famous Hollywood’s Walk of Fame but not many know that Hong Kong has something similar. The “Avenue of Stars” is the place which pays tribute to some of the most iconic actors and movie professionals in history. The Avenue of Stars is not far away from the center and you will find it next the Victoria Harbor. Jackie Chan or Bruce Lee are just a few movie stars, honored in this amazing avenue.


3) Eat Dim-Sum or fresh seafood 

Dim-Sum is more than a food and it represents an entire culture. This delicacy doesn’t include just one type of food and there are around 150 distinct items on every restaurant’s menu. This way, it’s pretty easy to find something that you’ll truly love to eat. The portions are not big but that’s great because you will be able to try them all. Dim-Sum can represent any meal of the day but it’s normally served as lunch. Hong Kong is also famous for its extraordinary seafood. Most of it, is freshly fished from the China Sea and it will be cooked right away for you.


4) Admire the incredible temples 

Besides being a crowded economical center, Hong Kong remains a very spiritual city. The living proof of that, consists in its numerous temples and religious vestiges. The Po Lin Monastery is one of the most iconic and here, you will be able to admire some of the finest architectural wonders. The Tian Tan Statue is another great attraction and you will be thrilled to see this giant bronze statue, representing a Buddha. All the Buddhist or Taoist temples will welcome any tourist, so no matter your religion, you can visit the indoors of these sanctuaries.


5) Try the massage therapy 

During the 2000 years of evolution, Hong Kong created a little bit more than just buildings and food recipes. The massage therapies are one of these things and during this rich history, they managed to develop dozens of massage techniques. These massage therapies were considered extremely effective against different diseases and people were coming from everywhere, just for a full treatment session. Today, you can still find some massage saloons in Hong Kong, which use the same techniques as their ancestors. The treatment is amazing and after it’s finished you will feel like you just released all your problems and struggles. The price for a full session is not that expensive.

Hong Kong is a blessed place which deserves to be visited. The city successfully combines technology and progress with history, religion and natural beauty. Hong Kong can be an ideal destination for anybody and will fulfill everybody’s preferences.

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