Travelers guide to America

The Unites States of America is know the world over as a beacon of freedom. It most often admired and sometimes reviled. It can be classy and it can also be delightfully campy at times. Suffice it to say, the USA is a country of many faces and these are the faces you need to take the time to get to know.

Your first time to the US may have been a whirlwind of trips to all the popular sights and cities and who can blame you? It is hard to refuse the calls of Broadway in New York and it is definitely near impossible to refuse the flashing neon lights of Las Vegas. But the US is more than just the sum of these well-known destinations and it does have plenty more to offer returning visitors who crave to know it more intimately and see sides of it they never knew existed. So hold on to your hats as this is a fast track guide to the less traveled but nonetheless amazing places in the US.

More Common and No less

California, Highway 1 – If you look at any guide book about the US, you will be told that it has more miles of paved roads as compared to any other highway in the world. At over 2.5 million miles, this is very easy to believe and it really is no wonder why road-trips are almost a rite of passage. Next time you go on vacation to the is, why not take a trip down the 135 miles of the California Pacific Highway 1? It is located between San Luis Obispo and famous Monterey. Expect to see breath-taking views of the ocean and the mountains colliding in a panorama that is unlike any other you will see.

Quick Tip: As you drive down this road, take a side trip to a place close to San Simeon and have a look at the mansion once owned by the eccentric newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. If you do not know who he is, try to catch the movie Citizen Kane. You may also take a paid tour for a mere $25.

La, New Orleans, The French Quarter

No matter how hard you look, there is no other neighborhood in the US that has the same old-timey feel as the beautiful cobblestone streets in the French Quarter. There is no denying that the Mardi Gras is worth trying out but try to visit this area on a normal day and take in the beauty of the architecture. It has everything from nightclubs lit up with neon lights, Ivy-drape colonial houses that you just know has some marvelous stories behind them, Cottages with stilts for the Creoles, and massive Antebellum Mansions owned by some Rich Barons in the past.

Quick Tip: Try to go to the Cafe Du Monde and try some of their world-famous beignets. Deep-fried dough treats that are as light as feathers and dusted with mountains of confectioner’s sugar. Leave your diet at the door as these treats are quite sinful but no one ever complains.

Cape May, NJ, Emlen Physick Estate

If you have had enough of scenic drives and old architecture and want to try something new, why not go to NJ and stay at the Emlen Physick Estate? This can be visited by going to one of the oldest Ocean-side resort villages in the US. The Emlen Physick Estate is a rambling Victorian home that was put up back in 1897. One feature that sets it apart from other Victorian houses is its special Séance room.

Quick Tip: You can hire a personal guide who can help you get in touch with spirits in the other side. Whether you are a believer or not, this makes for a lot of fun and can really give your trip to the US a fun twist.

Utah, Moab, Arches National Park

To get away from the big city and to take in some natural wonders that are unique to the US, you can head down to the Arches National Park in Utah. This isn’t quite as famous as the Grand Canyon or even Yosemite but it does have arches of golden sepia -toned rock formations that are sure to take your breath away.

Quick Tip: Try to take the time to have a look at some of the ranches on the outskirts of town. A lot of the famous scenes in Western movies were likely filmed there.

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