Must See Destinations in Tunisia

Without a doubt, Tunisia is a location filled with exotic destinations and historic landmarks to appeal all of its tourists. From the cosmopolitan city of Tunis to the ancient ruins of Carthage, Tunisia is sure to have something for everyone to enjoy, making it one of Northern Africa’s most popular tourist destinations.


Bardo National MuseumTunis is the largest city in Tunisia with a population of 2,412,500 people. Famous throughout the world for its golden beaches, tourists who travel to Tunisia expecting sun and heat will be pleased, as temperatures can reach as high as 116 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months. As well as its warm climate, Tunis a variety of places to visit. It has an abundance of museums, an example of these being the Bardo National Museum. Here, one of the largest collections of Roman mosaics in the world can be found, as well a selection of other antiquities from Ancient Greece and Tunisia. If museums don’t interest you, perhaps the Théatre municipal de Tunis will. Here, a number of operas and symphonies are held regularly as well as ballet and dramas, making it the perfect place to sample the culture of Tunis. As well as these locations, Tunis has a variety of shops and restaurants to cater its tourists throughout the year.

Carthaginian Ruins

Ruines_de_CarthageThe ancient and legendary Carthaginian ruins can be found in Carthage, one of Tunis’ suburbs, which makes Tunisia a must see location for anyone who has an avid interest in ancient history. The ancient city of Carthage was founded in the year 814 BC and was known to be hub of trade throughout the Mediterranean with a great deal of political influence throughout the land. Today, it is one of the worlds finest examples of ancient ruins. Here, an enormous amphitheater can be found as well as several other monuments. Admission to these ruins also includes the incredibly detailed Carthage museum. For anyone interest in the history of North Africa or history in general, the Carthaginian ruins is an important stop on your trip to Tunisia.

Djerba Island

Djerba IslandLocated just off the coast of Tunisia, Djerba Island is the largest island off the coast of North Africa. With a population of approximately 140,000 people, Djerba Island is a popular destination for tourists around the world, particularly in France, Germany and Italy. Along with the same standard of stunning beaches and hot weather to be found on Tunisia’s mainland, the island is home to Tunisia’s only riding club, and the popular wildlife area “Djerba Explore”. Something else that may attract some tourists is that Djerba Island was the location where exterior scenes were shot for the first Star Wars film in 1977. Other things to see on this magnificent island include the market in traditional souk market in Hount Soum and the exciting nightclub “Le Cyclone”

The Sahara Desert

Sahara DesertIt may seem like an odd idea at first, but why wouldn’t you want to visit on of the worlds most astonishing natural wonders when you are right at its doorstep. An eight hour train journey from the city of Tunis, the Sahara is the worlds largest desert in area and home to some of Africa’s most beautiful views. Several travel firms organize trips that last several days where you stay in a tent overnight in the desert, visit the oasis town of Tozeur and ride camelback through the endless miles of the sands of the desert. It is truly a once in a lifetime experience to behold in Tunisia


Acqua Palace

Acqua PalaceIf you are travelling on a family holiday and are looking for somewhere for the children and adults to enjoy, the first ever water park to be opened in Tunisia, Acqua Palace, is the place to go. Located at Port El Kantaoui, the water park offers breathtaking water slides along with beautiful scenery at affordable prices. Some of the exhilarating slides to be found include the Foam Toboggan and the Foam Drop. When you are done getting an adrenaline rush from the slides, you can take a relaxing swim in the “Sea Ware” swimming pool or chill out in the jacuzzi or the Crazy River. As it is the only water park in Tunisia, there is no better place for the whole family to have fun than Acqua Palace.

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