Croatian Summer Sailing Recommendation – 5 Attractice Bays In Split Area

The Croatian coastline simply must be explored on a yacht – and that is no exaggeration – as I cannot think of any better way to explore all the islands and islets, beaches, bays, coves and much more. But since places to visit are so many, and there is usually not so much time – which ones to visit? I’ll bring you my selection of the five most attractive bays on the Croatian coast, and, believe me, picking them was not an easy task.

Stiniva Bay, Vis

Situated on the southern side of Vis, the Stiniva Bay is an interesting and attractive natural phenomenon; the bay is guarded by tall, giant cliffs, leaving only a small entrance about five meters wide. Once you pass, a beautiful and isolated pebble beach awaits you; the entire cove was declared a natural monument in 1967 and the fact that the bay is not easily accessible from land (there is no direct road leading to it) only adds to its mystique and exclusiveness.

Vis Stinivia Bay

Stinivia Bay

Vinogradisce Bay, Pakleni Islands

The southern side of the island of St. Clement (an island which is a part of the Pakleni islands archipelago) carefully shelters one of the most beautiful secrets of the Adriatic – the Vinogradisce Bay. Surrounded by the island’s dense pine forests, the bay is a perfect save heaven for all yacht lovers and a number of high quality tourist facilities – from restaurants to bars and clubs – give the place a certain friendly atmosphere, which is probably why it’s always a tourist’s favorite.

Lucice Bay, Brac

This Brac bay provides excellent protection from virtually all winds since it has a unique, clover shaped arrangement. Thus, choosing the most suitable part of the bay to stay at simply depends on the current wind. The sea is renowned for its clear blue color, the pine forest offer a place of relaxation among its shades and the entire bay is dotted with seafood restaurants and cafes. Lucice is also adored by divers due to the interesting underwater cave in its western part.


Lucice Bay Brac

Krknjasi Bay, Drvenik

Everlastingly popular among families with children – mostly because of its small coves and sandy shoals – the Krknjasi bay is easily accessible, safe, and a place of the famous high quality restaurant „The Communist“, offering Dalmatian delicacies. So, if you want a place where you can try some of the Dalmatian fish dishes, plus find an intimate little beach just for yourself, Krknjasi seem like the best choice indeed.

Skrivena Luka, Lastovo

One of the biggest bays on the island of Lastovo got its name (‘Skrivena luka’ stands for ‘Hidden Harbor’ in Croatian) due to the fact that it cannot be seen from the open sea. Located on the southern part of the island, the bay is protected from strong winds, connected with the town of Lastovo (although the place is seven kilometers away) and has its own camping place (‘Camp Skriveni’) situated in the nearby olive grove. Besides being a little wonder of nature and a popular destination among yacht lovers, it also has one of the oldest lighthouses in the Adriatic, built in 1839, nowadays being a tourist attraction.

Skrivena Luka

Skrivena Luka

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