Visiting Prague

Prague, a jewel on the Vltava River in The Czech Republic, has been a capital city for over 10 centuries. That makes it 5 times older than the United States. A city that full of history is bound to hold thousands of hidden treasures and secrets and should be on everyone’s “must visit” list.

The first thing a visitor must do when visiting Prague is explore the historic city center. It is large, but manageably so and can be covered with one day of well-planned walking. The city itself was recognized as a UNESCO historical site in 1992, and it is no surprise considering that almost every building is a historical jewel. The highlight of the city center may be the Old Town which contains examples of Baroque, Renaissance and Gothic architecture.

It is also well worth visiting the Charles Bridge. This bridge spans the Vltava River and offers majestic vistas of the river and city while connecting the Old Town to the Lesser Town. Another popular destination is the Prague Castle. But don’t let the name fool you; it is more than just a castle. Prague Castle is actually a district consisting of palaces, a grand cathedral, museums and art galleries.

Make sure you leave time for a visit to the Prague Opera House over in New Town. It is a stunning masterpiece in design and hosts a large number of performances each year. When visiting Prague, be sure to stay near Wenceslas Square. This is an ideal location for travelers to stay because of its close proximity to Old Town and a large concentration of bars and restaurants. With a little planning, and a sense of adventure, your trip to Prague will be nothing short of unforgettable.

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